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Jessica Prinner’s Collegiate Nationals Report

Jessi wrote this up for her personal blog, The Prinner Posts, and we couldn’t resist sharing it.

“For the second year in a row collegiate road nationals was to be set in Ogden, Utah, home of mountains and Mormons.  I love travelling to many different places and seeing different ways of life, and the Salt Lake City area was certainly a cool one.

It took us three days to drive from Wichita Falls, TX, to Ogden due to a snow blockade on I-70 through a Colorado mountain pass.  We were stuck up on the mountain for hours, not sure if we’d have to camp the night.  Luckily we wouldn’t have to drink our own urine as the pass opened and we carefully drove down the mountain.

The first day of racing was going to be a challenging one for me, as I’d have to race two time trials in the course of three hours.  Up first was the team time trial, a 30km, out-and-back course along Antelope Island, a mass of land in the middle of the Salt Lake peppered with herds of bison.  In fact, we were all a bit concerned about bison wandering across the course.  I don’t know about my teammates but I wasn’t stopping for anything, especially during my individual time trial. Continue reading Jessica Prinner’s Collegiate Nationals Report

Texas State University Ultra Road Race and Criterium, April 13th-14th

Evan Bybee takes the podium after Sunday’s Town Square Criterium
Photo by Caden Burross

Sunday’s Town Square Crits

Men’s A
Gold: Evan Bybee
6th: Ricky Randall
7th: Cory Scott
9th: Tony Baca
13th: Sean Brown

Women’s A
Gold: Claire Routledge
Silver: Ashley Weaver

Men’s B
Gold: David Barrett
7th: Erick Goytia
8th: Caden Burross

Men’s C
21st: Anthony Sequera

Women’s C
Silver: Andre Giron

Men’s D
9th: Randee Sneed

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UT Race Weekend

Women’s A rider Jessica Prinner wrote up this fantastic race report of the UT Race Weekend, enjoy.

Don't worry Jessi, no ones back there.
Don’t worry Jessi, no ones back there.

“Going into my second collegiate road season, I was mentally prepared for this past weekend. Half of collegiate racing isn’t even about the racing; it’s about compromising among 15 people, 2 vans, lots of luggage, 4 people to a room, and figuring out where or what to eat. You can’t deny this is a big stress put on the body and mind, and it’s important to be prepared for anything. Amber Neben once told me a great saying she lives by in the sport of cycling: “Be flexible, be adaptable, overcome”. That saying pretty much explains itself.

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Welcome back

Sorry we’ve been away for so long.

Collin Buerger and Anthony Sequera being chased, by the men’s C field, through the step-up corner at UT Austin’s Sunday crit.
Photo by Caden Burross

Winter break was jam-packed with training, traveling, eating, racing, family, friends, and of course more training.

Though we have been a bit scarse with updates here on the site, we have been very active over on our Facebook page and through our Twitter account.

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Another semester has come and gone

The time is here, finals are over and the semester is done. While not as busy as the spring, the fall season had plenty of excitement. Check out a few of the previous post from track nats and MTB conference for an idea of how racing went this past semester.

As the seasons and semesters change, so do the faces of MSU cycling. Though we are sad to see them go, we are proud to say that Danny Robertson, Fidel Goytia, and Sean Brown are all graduating. We are going to miss these guys, on and off the bikes. Continue reading Another semester has come and gone

2012 SCCCC Mountain Bike Championships

This past weekend the MSU mountain bike team went down to Solavaca Ranch for the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference mountain bike championships. We got down to the ranch late Saturday for the conference dinner and discusion about the 2013 road season, then a campfire and camping with the rest of the teams before Sunday's racing. It was a great weekend and an awesome end to the MTB season.


The single track was littered with climbs, gravel, and some rocky descents.


Aldo had to charge this one on foot.

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Team Building


Ask most coaches and they will tell you that the key to any healthy training program is plenty of recovery. This means some time away from the bike for cross training, catching up on some study time, and lots of team building. This past week was all about team organization and sponsorship.


Last Wednesday, along with Director Zamastil, we had a chance to get together and discuss concerns, ideas, and future goals. One of the most important things on that list was marketing and promotion.


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This Week We Roll Into the Cycling Performance Center

Before we take a better look at the lab, let's look at some results from our teammates David Barrett, Tony Baca, and Anthony Sequera who just got back to campus after a weekend of camping and racing in Waco, TX. The three competed in Baylor University's Cameron Park Classic, a two day mountain bike event hosted by the BU Cycling Club. After mechanicals sidelined both Tony and Anthony during Sunday's races, David was able to walk away with 1st place in the men's B category. Great job David, time to upgrade for conference.

Back on campus, "time off the bike" was everyone's motto. With the road and track seasons over, most teammates have been taking time away from the bike to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. Base miles for next season have yet to begin, so physical testing, mental preparation, and school work have been the focus. 


The winter "off" season means that it is time to hit the Cycling Performance Center on campus, where Dr. Wyatt and his graduate students can perform a multitude of tests, most importantly VO2max and Wingate analysis. Over the past week a handful of teammates have already made their way into the lab to chart their numbers. Testing often becomes a group activity with people coming to cheer as their teammates attempt to set new lab and personal records.


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