Nicole Coetzer

Nicole Coetzer


Age : 20

Major : Nursing

Place I call home : Trophy Club, TX.

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What got you started in cycling?

My brother told me about the cycling team at MSU going into my freshman year. He raced for the University of North Texas and was familiar with some riders on the team, and encouraged me to join because he figured I would do well as a cyclist because of the size and strength of my legs (and here I am).


Why do I ride?

I love being an athlete. I love pushing my body and reaching goals that I never thought I physically could. I also play for the Women’s Soccer team here and I lucked out big time with soccer being in the fall season and cycling in the spring season.


If you could race any race, which would it be and why?

I have recently been following the whole IRONMAN circuit and I have decided that racing in one of those bad boys would definitely be something I could do to break some barriers because I will be swimming, biking, and running, which will help me improve as an endurance athlete.


What are your goals for next season?

Because last year was my first year ever racing, I am a women’s C rider. My goal is to do well enough this year to Cat up to a women’s B rider.


Who do you look up to?

Without a doubt my brother. He is the reason I am a cyclist in the first place, and he is the kind of athlete I strive to be. Eating right and training hard is something he’s always been committed to, which always set a great example for me. So many times when my thoughts are trying to defeat me, I always push myself harder because I want to make my brother proud.


What has cycling taught you?

I have learned that riding bikes is fun, and to not get stuck pulling an entire race.


What is the most difficult thing about being a cyclist and student?

You are on the road constantly so cramming homework and studying in has to be made a priority no matter how tired your legs are from that time trial the day before.


What do you plan to do after school?

After I get my nursing degree I plan on helping people in the Emergency Room or work in Labor and Delivery. And in the midst of all that, train for adventure races as well as marathons/triathlons so I can say I did them and get that “26.2” sticker to put on the back of my car.


What would you say to other up and coming athletes who are interested in cycling, some advice?

Ride your bike, go fast, have fun!

Midwestern State University