Cameron Lowery

2015 Rider Profile


Name: Cameron Lowery


Age: 20


Major: Nursing


Place I call home: Waxahachie, TX


Top 3 Results: 2014 Homecoming Cardboard Boat Race Champion, Multi-time Redline Central Cup Champion (BMX), Multi-time Texas State Champion (BMX)


What got you started in cycling? Table tennis got to be too dangerous of a sport


Why do you ride? To clear my head and have a sense of freedom


If you could race any race, which would it be and why? Any downhill mountain bike race


What are your goals for next season? Have a blast and make some more memories riding bikes


What is your 5 year goal? Graduate. Get a job, dog, boat, house, and live life.


Who do you look up to? My dad. Awesome example of what a man should be.


What has cycling taught you? Girls dig guys in spandex


What is the most difficult thing about being a cyclist and student? Balancing time between studying and riding


What do you plan to do after school? Take a celebratory trip to Australia to visit my buddy Sam Croft


What would you say to other up and coming athletes who are interested in cycling, some advice? To win a race, you have to be willing to lose it, so go for it.

Midwestern State University