Matt Fox, left, Aaron Kacala and Kip Spaude enjoy time on the podium as they receive medals for the team pursuit at the 2006 Collegiate Track National Championships in Indianapolis in September 2006. It was one of five podium appearances for the three-rider team, including two national championship jerseys that Kacala won in the match sprint and the kilometer time trial.

Past National Champions


Jessica Prinner
2013 Individual Time Trial, Individual Pursuit, Points Race, Omnium.
2014 Individual Time Trial.


Joshua Carter
2010 Criterium.


Jen Purcell
2010 Criterium.


Natalie Klemko
2007 Criterium.


Alex Boyd
2007 Road Race.


Aaron Kacala
2006 Match Sprint, Kilometer Time Trial.


Ivana Muicic
2002 Team Time Trial,

2003 Team Time Trial.


Janna Jackson
2002 Team Time Trial, 2003 Team Time Trial.


Ivana Bisaro
2000 Team Time Trial, Points Race, Italian Pursuit.

2002 Team Time Trial.


Misty Lofma
2000 Team Time Trial.


Graham Pomfret
2000 Team Time Trial.


Bruning Rangel
2000 Team Time Trial, Italian Pursuit.


Pedro Saldariaga
2000 Team Time Trial, Italian Pursuit.


Andy Sparks
2000 Italian Pursuit.


Stephanie Hannos
1999 Team Time Trial, Points Race.

2000 Team Time Trial.
2003 Team Time Trial and Criterium.


Mark Ernsting
1999 Individual Pursuit.

2000 Team Time Trial, Italian Pursuit.

2001 Criterium.


Andrea Hannos
1999 Team Time Trial.

2000 Road Race, Team Time Trial, 500m, Individual Pursuit, Olympic Sprint.


Kathy Wells
1999 Team Time Trial.


Brandy Alexander

1999 Team Time Trial.


Paul Read
1996 Overall Omnium.


Alberti Vasquez
1994 Road Race.



Conference Results
• 9-time conference team champions
• Multiple road race, criterium, and team time trial championships.

Midwestern State University