Sean Brown

seanSean Brown


Age : 25

Major : Masters in exercise physiology

Place I call home : Burkburnett, TX



Top 3 results :

10th – Sprints, Collegiate Track Nationals
4th – Pace Bend Road Race
2nd – Hotter’N Hell Hundred


What got you started in cycling?

I started cycling after a knee injury derailed my dream to run in college. My father has been a cyclist my whole life, and it seemed like a good transition. The summer after I graduated high school I bought a bike and never looked back.


What do you like most about cycling?

I love cycling for the doors that it opened to me. I would have never met the amazing people, been to the great places, or had the unique experiences that I have without the sport. I also love the feeling of just going for a ride.


If you could race any race, which would it be and why?

If I could ride any race it would have to be Paris Roubaix possibly for the sheer harshness of the race and the atmosphere that surrounds it. Also up there is Schelderprijs and Milan San Remo.


What are your goals for next season?

Next season I hope to continue to support the team and bring home the team and the individual over all title again. I would like to take a few wins along the way of course,  but the dream is to see the team do well.


What is your five year goal?

In five years I don’t really know where I want to be. Graduated obviously and moving on with my career. Also a short stint on a high level team, amateur or pro, here in the states would be nice. I think I’m just going to let the next five years come as they will.


Who do you look up to?

Obviously I look up to my dad as he was not only a good rider but my whole life he has been a great man. The biggest role model I have had just for cycling is a tie between the lemondster (Greg LeMond) and Sean Kelly. Both were great champions.


What has cycling taught you?

Cycling has taught me that self control is important in life, on and off the bike. It’s also shown me that even when you think your at your limit, you can always go beyond that and do even better.


What is the most difficult thing about being a cyclist and student?

Balancing being a student and a cyclist isn’t easy. There are times that you have to decide between going out training or studying for a class. The answer should be obvious but sometimes it’s a hard choice, especially when the sun is shinning and the weather is cool.


What do you plan to do after school?

After school I plan to get a job working either as a strength and conditioning coach or working as a private trainer. Honestly, any job in the field would be enjoyable, just so long as I’m using my degree.


What would you say to other up and coming athletes who are interested in cycling, some advice?

For anyone interested in cycling I would tell them to just jump in and enjoy all it has to offer. The bike may be expensive, but it’s worth more than just the money it takes to buy it. It’s a way to set yourself free, racing or not.

Midwestern State University