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Some Very Special Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, and we thought we would share a few things we are especially thankful for.

From Director Charlie Zamastil:

It is the time of year for reflection and for giving thanks, and cyclists who attend Midwestern State University here in Wichita Falls have a lot to be thankful for. First off, as almost the entire nation (sorry Pacific Northwest) enjoys exceptionally lovely riding weather, we here shrug our shoulders with our blend of Parisian insouciance and Texan swagger. 70s in November? But of course.

Teammate Anthony Sequera snapped this shot during his ride Monday.

Great weather is a nice bonus, sure, but not a precondition for having a great riding experience. Just ask our guys Cory Scott and Anthony Sequera, who last weekend ventured out into the pouring rain to do repeats of the 1000’ climb Mt. Scott in Lawton, OK. Or Tony Baca, Aldo Curiel, Sean Brown, Caden Burross, and Collin Buerger, who fought through 25mph headwinds all the way to Windthorst—28 miles steady into the wind, only to turn around and cover those 28 miles in 56 minutes: for the sheer pursuit of FroYo.

The Sean Brown snuck this one in while we were devouring some Fro-Yo. We earned it!

What truly is a precondition for riding—at least in any meaningful capacity—is community support. We rely on the support of the community. The Wichita Falls community fairly and happily shares the roads with us cyclists, giving us space, accommodating our slower speeds, and ensuring our safety. Consider this a collective "tip o' the helmet" to the entire community.

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The Swap Meet Was a Success!

It's that time of the year again. Between family, friends, and a table full of food it is hard to get those hours in on the bike. That's why we were busy getting our time in before the break began. But, while many of us spent the weekend training, a select few headed to the EDS Superdrome in Frisco, TX, where the team hosted The Biggest BIcycle Swap Meet in Texas on Saturday the 17th .

The infield was setup for vendors from all over TX; thanks to Drew Lifsey for this great pic

This was established as a fundrasier for the team and a portion of the sales of vendor space went to help support the upcoming season. The day was a big success for all of the vendors involved and we hope to make it an annual event. For more information or to reserve a space for next year be sure to check out the facebook page.

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