The Mustangs

meet Pavle "The fighter" Kalaba

Pavle Kalaba is a European born cyclist who got his start and inspiration of cycling from his father, who was a former triathlete later turned cyclist.Like any athlete growing up he had his fair share of trying out different sports, but for him cycling became a top priority. Cycling helped boost his confidence and develop a fighter’s mentality. Furthermore, it allowed him to set high expectations, not only for himself, but also for his team. With his determination and dedication he puts his teammates and himself in a position to win every race possible.Although cycling is a challenging sport, winning has made everything more enjoyable and just the fact that Pavle loves competing is more than enough for him.

Morgan Ballesteros is an American born cyclist who got his love for cycling straight out the womb by growing up watching the “Tour de France” with his mom. Since that humble beginning, his love for the sport grew a tremendous amount. He loves working with his teammates and experiencing the joy of them coming together to accomplish a goal is fullfing enough for him. Morgan  chose MSU not only for the great psychology education he’s receiving, but to be a helping hand towards his teammates. One of his goals this year is to do as much as he can to allow his teammates to be the best they can be in the upcoming season.

Meet Morgan "DOC" Ballesteros

MEET ZACH "THe Legend" gregg

Zachary Gregg  is an east coast born cyclist who had an unexpected start in the cycling community.He used to be a lacrosse player,but because he had a severe ankle injury,he began mountain biking as a way to commute without straining his ankle.  As soon as he started riding, he was hooked. For him, cycling has been multifaceted and a super demanding sport.There is so much that goes into a race performance, and with him in tune with his “star player’’ , being able to win ,or do well, in a race is an incredible feeling. Given his background and how he started, cycling gave him his purpose. He followed it and trained hard, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. A talent such as his has become a sight to see because he has become a star in his own right .Gregg’s goal this season is to defend his national title in the individual time trial and assist with the team time trial.

Sharome Burton is a West Indian cyclist, and for him cycling started as just another cover story when the sport was revived back in Dominica  between 2016-2017. Eventually,seeing those riders inspired him to want to help grow the sport of cycling and expand it to disciplines other than road cycling in Dominica. He bought a used commuter bike and  converted it from flat bars to drop bars, and rode it during his free time. So far the one thing he loves about cycling the most is the ability to see proportional, consistent, and measurable progress in the sport through training. As an international student from Dominica, Sharome decided MSU was the most sensible choice for his studying and cycling interests. In just over a year he progressed from a men’s D to B and is now a force to be reckoned with. Sharome is a rare kind that lives by an unintentional creed of knowing his role, playing his role, and becoming a star in his role. His goals for this season are to  compete for the men’s B omnium in the conference championship and qualify for men’s A in the national championship.

MEET SHAROME "The Underdog" Burton






MEET REID "THe ghost" Hutchins