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MSU Athletics Logo individual sportMSU CYCLING TEAM: For All Ages, Nationalities, and Ability Levels

Because collegiate cycling in the United States is organized under the umbrella of USA Cycling (the U.S. affiliate of the UCI) and not under NCAA, full-time student-cyclists can race collegiately at Midwestern State University at any age or ability level.  Walk-on cyclists (even those just beginning the sport) are an important asset to the MSU Cycling Team, and even current professional riders can race on the team.

Eligibility for membership on the MSU Cycling Team is available to any full-time student in good standing with Midwestern State University and the MSU Cycling Team with a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.  Incoming Freshman carrying a minimum of twelve credit hours are almost automatically eligible.  Membership is quick and painless with just two easy forms to complete.  To race, riders must purchase a racing license that is $30 or less annually.  Scholarship riders get a clothing package, and all team members get a free jersey if they race in at least two SCCCC weekends.  Additional clothing can be purchased at highly discounted prices (thanks to Hincapie’s custom cycling apparel).

International students have played an important part in the success of the MSU Cycling Team as well.  At this time, about ten percent of the MSU Cycling Team members are foreign student-cyclists.  Many of these foreign cyclists benefit from the Cycling Scholarship and can affordably gain a quality education while furthering their goals in the sport of cycling.  International Students that receive $1,000+ in annual scholarship are eligible for the Competitive Waiver, which awards them Texas Resident Tuition rates: a huge benefit to our foreign riders: a current savings of over $11,000/semester!

Older cyclists – especially those who initially skipped or did not complete their college degree to race professionally – are sought to help mentor the up-and-coming cyclists on the team.  Historically, many of the MSU Cycling Team’s top riders have been non-traditional, older students.

During the the fall semester, we hit the ground running, with the Hotter’N Hell 100 closing our road season at the end of August. We immediately head to the track to prepare for the Track National Championships at the end of September. After that, our MTBers continue on, competing in the national championships at the end of October. Right after that, Cyclocross begins for the dirt-lovers, while the road squad holds less racing and more team bonding, community outreach, and educational opportunities.  The spring semester is very busy!  Each spring semester, MSU Cycling Team members load their bikes and equipment onto the team trailer, and they file into a Midwestern State University shuttle bus and van to compete in South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (SCCCC) races weekend after weekend.  The SCCCC races are held within the conference boundaries which include the entire states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.  In these spring races, female racers race in one of three categories that are divided by ability levels.  Men have four different categories.  Each of these seven categories compete for individual and team conference points.  With the way SCCCC points are earned toward the team competition for the Team Conference Championship title, members of all ability levels are important to the MSU Cycling Team’s success.

If you are a full-time student at MSU and would like to consider membership on the MSU Cycling Team, contact Charlie Zamastil or swing by Hardin South Administration building, room 206.  Foreign and out-of-state students should e-mail Charlie Zamastil at Charlie.Zamastil@MWSU.edu

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