Kansas State’s Wildcat Grand Prix, April 6th-7th, Dual Conference Results



Sunday’s Criterium’s

We began the day by racing our collegiate category events and then, after a short break, rode in the USAC sanctioned races. We racked up quite a few more wins throughout the day, and even more podium finishes.

A few high-points of the day included Cory Scott going solo for 50 minutes before lapping the field to secure his victory, Jessica Prinner, Claire Routledge, and Ashley Weaver sweeping the Women’s A podium and freshly upgraded Collin Buerger attacking on the final lap to win the Men’s B field.

The team was also able to hold onto the overall points lead and came home with the dual conference traveling trophy.

Full results below…


Men’s A
Gold: Cory Scott
7th: Sean Brown
9th: Ricky Randall
14th: Sam Croft

Women’s A
1st: Jessica Prinner
2nd: Claire Routledge
3rd: Ashley Weaver

Men’s B
1st: Collin Buerger
8th: Caden Burross
14th: David Barrett
DNF: Erick Goytia (Erick pulled out, after David flatted, so that he could use his rear wheel and finish the race)

Men’s C
21st: Austin Smith

Women’s B/C
4th: Angela Streadwick


Saturday’s Road Race and Team Time Trial

This weekend’s dual conference with the NCCCC has been great so far, though it was a tough day. We fought three decent climbs, a lot of wind and get a load of this, the sun. Here are the standings after the team time trial and road race.

Midwestern is 1st in the overall team points .

Team Time Trial
Gold, Men’s A: Ricky Randall, Cory Scott, Sam Croft, and Sean Brown
Gold, Women’s A: Jessica Prinner, Claire Routledge, and Ashley Weaver
Gold, Men’s B: David Barrett, Collin Buerger, Caden Burross, and Erick Goytia

Road Race

Men’s A
Silver: Cory Scott
5th: Sam Croft
10th: Ricky Randall

Women’s A
Gold: Jessica Prinner
Bronze: Claire
7th: Ashley Weaver

Men’s B
Bronze: Caden Burross
4th: Collin Buerger
11th: David Barrett
17th: Erick Goytia

Men’s C
21st: Austin Smith

Women’s B/C
7th: Angela Streadwick