Some Very Special Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, and we thought we would share a few things we are especially thankful for.

From Director Charlie Zamastil:

It is the time of year for reflection and for giving thanks, and cyclists who attend Midwestern State University here in Wichita Falls have a lot to be thankful for. First off, as almost the entire nation (sorry Pacific Northwest) enjoys exceptionally lovely riding weather, we here shrug our shoulders with our blend of Parisian insouciance and Texan swagger. 70s in November? But of course.

Teammate Anthony Sequera snapped this shot during his ride Monday.

Great weather is a nice bonus, sure, but not a precondition for having a great riding experience. Just ask our guys Cory Scott and Anthony Sequera, who last weekend ventured out into the pouring rain to do repeats of the 1000’ climb Mt. Scott in Lawton, OK. Or Tony Baca, Aldo Curiel, Sean Brown, Caden Burross, and Collin Buerger, who fought through 25mph headwinds all the way to Windthorst—28 miles steady into the wind, only to turn around and cover those 28 miles in 56 minutes: for the sheer pursuit of FroYo.

The Sean Brown snuck this one in while we were devouring some Fro-Yo. We earned it!

What truly is a precondition for riding—at least in any meaningful capacity—is community support. We rely on the support of the community. The Wichita Falls community fairly and happily shares the roads with us cyclists, giving us space, accommodating our slower speeds, and ensuring our safety. Consider this a collective "tip o' the helmet" to the entire community.

Yes, you’re all great, everyone reading this. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t call out a few select community members to publicly laud them. Chip Filer, Roby Christenson, Sandy Monson, and all the others who work to organize the Hotter ‘N Hell 100: we are thankful for you. One weekend a year, when it’s so hot you’d imagine this might be the last place anyone might want to be, 30,000 additional people come to Wichita Falls to partake in their event. It furthermore creates over $8 million in revenue for the city’s economy.

In addition to the Hotter ‘N Hell 100 (and the event’s sponsors & volunteers), we are thankful for our additional sponsors through 2012. Francis Hamre from Francis Soap, Chuck White and First Bank, Shelly Strohman with Strohman Dental and her husband Wayne (an outstanding cyclist in his own right), Jarvis and Karen Polvado at the Texoma Cycling Center and Bike USA, Chris Cornetto with Rouse Bicycles, and Steve Gallaher with Kul Lite Vest. Just as you our fans like to see us do well, we want our sponsors to do well too. So do your best to support these sponsors. 

Dr. Farrell admiring a few of the guys bikes. Photo by Caden Burross

And of course, we are thankful to the administration of Midwestern State University, who have shown the kind of support most other university cycling teams can only dream of. This is why MSU is consistently one of the best cycling schools in the nation.

Caden took this photo of the team climbing onto the silver podium at Track Nationals

Thanks to these players, 2012 was a banner year. We finished second in the nation in the team omnium, team sprint, team pursuit, match sprint, individual pursuit. We also medaled in the individual omnium and the points race. We won individual conference titles in mountain biking, track, and road, and the team championship on the road and track.

Lastly, we have to give thanks for the many exciting things on the horizon. If 2012 was great, then we expect 2013 to be nothing shy of spectacular. To get a preview of what’s to come, be sure to follow us on Twitter and frequent our Facebook page, as several exciting announcements for the 2013 season loom on the not-too-distant horizon.


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