TIPA Awards

Each year the Voices editors submit their previous year’s magazine to the Literary Magazine division of the the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) competition. The editors select published works that they feel are exemplary and meet the needs of the requirements in the various contests available.

From the 2011 issue of Voices Magazine, the 2011 TIPA Literary Magazine awards include:

  • Overall Excellence: 2nd place, Voices Literary and Visual Arts Magazine
  • Feature Story: 1st place, American Mettle by Joshua Ibarra; 3rd place, Joshua by Nicola Clement
  • Feature Photo: 2nd place, Antiguan Fishing Port by Novelle Williams
  • Story Package: 1st place, By the Tracks by Brittany Norman
  • Poem: 3rd place, Writing by Debora Teixeira

The editors wish to extend their congratulations to these students.